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Over the years, Aventus Partners has continually invested in its own learning to stay ahead of the knowledge curve and stay plugged into a professional networks to deliver on this promise. We think creatively, and are able to blend our deep understating of client’s business needs and our expertise in talent assessment, acquisition and management to drive results.

We bring our relationship driven networks and our data-driven industry knowledge to identify, engage with and on – board transformational leaders for our clients.
We bring to the table exceptional skills in Talent Management, Talent Assessment and Development, Talent Acquisition and in-depth knowledge of businesses across plethora of industries.


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Our Unique Approach

The Aventus Partners Advanced Executive Search methodology reverse engineers process.

Our process follows a non-linear path, which moves the hiring approach from an ‘’art form’’ to a scientific enquiry mechanism.

Irrespective of the business model (new age or traditional), the paradigms of running business is changing rapidly. The development of digital tech & social media has created an omni channel world. The search is for talent who is capable of breaching the osmotic membranes between the traditional and new way of doing business, and able to deliver outstanding value in the course of growth with the organizations.

We invest in continuous market research and intelligence gathering in order to identify why people leave jobs or accept jobs. Why a high performer is not able to replicate success in a changed environment (new job/ role).

We curate the potential talent pipeline based on critical assessment of scale, complexity and speed of execution handled by the candidate. These candidates are not likely to come from a linear talent pool (i.e fitment of role, designation, years of similar industry exp etc.) , less likely from competition. Treating the client’s business context as the real brief, we would evaluate candidates from diverse industries which have seen large scale disruption, built teams rapidly, adapted new technologies, created business models that are sustainable and profitability.

These candidates who have been challenged many more times are likely to have higher problem solving skills & emotional quotient, and would have had opportunity to demonstrate entrepreneurial decision making instincts, irrespective of their functional areas.

This is the freshness in the approach we bring.

Our Specialised Tools

Aventus Partners is committed to the mission to search and onboard the next age leadership talent for our clients. We believe it’s the right blend of vision, leadership and flawless execution, which is the mantra for success and the leaders who master this, spearhead the journey.

Our team specializes in search, assessment, evaluation and knowledge intelligence for advanced leadership talent onboarding and following are the services bouquet we offer.

Advanced Leadership Talent Search

Advanced Leadership Talent customised search helps find the most suitable Leadership position person across industries & geographies

Aventus Talent Assessment Matrix

Aventus Talent Synergy Matrix finds the best fit candidate for organisations after checking 36 vital parameters.

Aventus Indepth Talent Intelligence

Indepth Talent Intelligence collects deep research of candidates at sensitive positions.

Aventus Blue Growth Strategy Consulting

ABG Strategy Consulting leads the way forward for higher Growth Performance and helps achieve new benchmarks.

Executive Search, the way it has been traditionally practiced, is a linear process. Get an understanding of the role, business and a broad compensation range, create a long list of candidates from targeted companies, assess for fitment, convince target talent about role potential, and engage with them till close of the search.

However, in our journey of 12 years, we have worked with clients who break this traditional mould.

  • Many of our client companies did not have a precedent business model in existence in their Industry or Sector
  • The scale build required was so massive, there was no comparative industry or talent benchmark
  • There was no existing talent, because the skill category had just been defined by the first mover (our client)
  • Classical templated eligibility criterions fell short of making the cut as combination of professional and entrepreneurial skills dominated selection decisions at the CXO levels
  • Ability to solution in a less structured environment was prioritised over sectoral know how
  • The role brief is highly nuanced, making Search impossible to approach in a traditional manner