Our Services

We Enable

People and Organisations to Rise Above

We encourage our clients to “think people” and put in place organisational development strategies
that will motivate, incentivse, train and build people so that they are able to bring their whole selves
to achieve ambitious personal and collective goals.

At Aventus Partners, we understands your organization´s unique value proposition, culture and business goals to offer you customized solutions for pulling, polishing and preserving  business leaders with 21st century business skills to take your organization to the next level.
Our services include:

  1. Executive / Leadership Search
  2. People, Performance & Change
  3. Growth Consulting

Aventus Partners is a founding sponsor of Center for Talent Reporting, USA. TDRp is a ground-breaking, industry-led, grassroots initiative to bring standard principles and reporting to all human capital processes like the
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

We offer bespoke solutions in following areas

Our services are set up to find, build, on-board, and develop the right talent for your organization.

1. Executive Search

We are here to get your leadership mix right.

We balance the art and science of talent acquisition to find the leaders who will build, grow and transform organizations.We begin with understanding your organization´s business milestones to customize solutions for acquiring, retaining and developing high performance leaders

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2. People, Performance & Change

It truly does come down to people – we all know that. But how do you align people with a company’s plans?

We begin by helping our clients develop clarity around their organization’s overall purpose, strategy and goals.

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3. Growth Consulting

We prepare and pivot organizations for growth.

Drawing up business plans – is a strategic exercise is the first step. We put in place a strategy, which is backed by research make actionable recommendations for clients. By putting in place the leaders, financial discipline within which to operate

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Customized Solutions for Growth

The solution for your talent need must be tailor-made and not run of the mill

So servicing the talent need of any one business is a task unique in itself and absolutely unlike servicing the talent need of any other business.

At Aventus Partners, we understand this on a deep level and this intention forms the core of our guiding philosophy that enables us to provide you with Talent Solutions As Unique As Your Talent Needs.

The size of your business should not dictate the quality of the talent pool

Conventionally, small and emerging businesses struggle to attract talent from the top drawer, as much as the top talent available displays definite affinity towards bigger and established names.

At Aventus Partners, our ability to think differently enables us to evaluate businesses on basis of not only how far they have grown so far but how far they can go.