Absolutdata – Step Growth Management

A client where we started with a single assignment in 2011, is today a 8 year old relationship where we are valued as a trusted advisor to the leadership team for critical people challenges.

The organization was being poised for steep revenue growth in the next 5 years and a significantly wider global foot print. Our first mandate was to prepare the organisation (people) for this event.

Absolutdata is a consulting-oriented Analytics & Research firm based out of San Francisco, California, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

Analytics being an emerging domain in 2011 there was no significant precedence or role models within the industry. The leadership being aware of the pitfalls of unplanned growth wanted to build organisational capabilities in line with the desired growth strategy.

Over a 3 year period we at Aventus partners worked with AbsolutData in the following areas:

─ Design and implementation of an appropriate Organisation structure

─ Design and cascade of Organization and Functional scorecards, including performance measures (KRA & KPI) for all key roles.

─ Implementation of a robust performance management and assessment process and their linkage to rewards

─ Articulation and Institutionalization of core organisational values

─ Defining career paths for all job families including the key Technical and Leadership competencies

─ Design and standardization of a scalable Talent Acquisition processes

─ Understanding the variable pay plans for key employees including those in Sales and Account Management Functions

─ Measuring and impacting Employee Engagement

─ Designing and Implementing Multisource Feedback systems

─ Enabling development of People Management Skills

─ Right sizing Manpower with minimum negative impact

In 2012, the organization received PE investment from Fidelity Growth Partners.

We continue to partner in building a robust organization that can deliver on its vision.