Asian Paints: Partnering in Change

Asia’s 3rd largest paint company creates its strategic 5-year plan for the period 2013-18.


The organization identified one of the key initiatives for the achievement of this strategic plan was enabling its 1000 plus People Managers to “Internalize the People Agenda”.

Value we bring to the table

We at Aventus Partners, partnered with an empowered group of leaders (“QUAT” – a cross functional group) from within the company in anchoring this initiative.

We worked intensely over a period of 7 months and we designed and anchored a change management process that enabled the organization to define the end state. Furthermore, it would enable them to secure buy in across stakeholder groups on the solutions and action steps that would help them transition to the desired end state.

Implementation plans were signed off by the executive team and are currently being executed by the HR Leadership team from January 2014 through a phased pan-organization roll out that was concluded in March 2015.

The initiatives were clustered around 3 key themes of:

  1. Understanding the People Management Role and skills to perform the role,
  2. Creating organizational Enablers,
  3. Measurement of Progress