Fidelity Investments: Succession Planning

The case
Fidelity Investments, the world's largest mutual fund house, with assets under management of over 200 billion USD, was keen on working on a system to develop Senior professionals at the Director level and above, to meet with the organizational needs and individual aspirations. The aim was to help these professionals assume leadership roles for their employees in its India
organization that has over 1500 employees in the GIC model.
Value we bring to the table

Fidelity reached out to Aventus Partners, to provide coaching services to a select group of individuals who were identified as high performers, but were unable to make it to the next level of management on account of their management styles.

The Method

Aventus Partners commenced the process of coaching, by initially having a round of discussion with the individuals’ superiors, the CEO of the organization and Human Resources function.
Aventus Partners also conducted psychometric assessments of the individuals in the process to also assess current state. Based on the psychometric assessments and the inputs from the department heads and the HR function, Aventus Partners laid out an in depth coaching plan for these individuals.
This was targeted, towards improving the individuals’ approach to work in the following areas:
1. Improvement of delegation and oversight of work, rather than working by themselves on their work areas.
2. Better bonding with their teams, providing feedback on work related issues to issues that arise from work and not to individuals.
3. Adopting an approach of propagating the work done by subordinates and becoming their cheerleaders so that the organization is able to appreciate the effort of the team and not only the individual
4. Setting up specific improvement areas after assessing them on the organizational competency framework and seeing how they fare in the in-basket exercises
5. Experience based coaching, to provide them specific inputs in the areas that they struggle with (communication, planning, execution, oversight, delegation of authority, and giving feedback)
6. Based on the outcome of coaching exercise, one individual has been appreciated for making appropriate behavioural changes and is being considered for the next movement, and another  individual is on track to be internally moved into a lateral role.