Co-creation of the Organization’s Vision, Mission and Value Statements and Facilitate collaboration across BUs at VVF

This project required strong process design as well as facilitating skills. Our scope involved synergising the perspectives of multiple stake holders which includes family members across 2 generations as well as high potential and experienced professional leadership teams.

Our ability to sense, identify and surface undercurrents and facilitate discussions was key to the interventions success. This project in many ways was the commencement of our journey towards creating impactful interventions for conflict resolution. With a single focus – Conflict is a value eroder.

Founded in 1939 by Godrej Pallonji Joshi in Bombay, VVF has come a long way from being a small industry to a National and Global Leader in the Oleo Chemicals and Personal Care product segments. This 4000 Cr organisation with a 75 years history is headquartered in Bombay and has over 16 operating centres spread across 4 continents, namely, Asia, North America, Europe and Africa.

VVF had ambitious plans of growth. Driving these growth plans was the Leadership team that included the members of the founding family and a set of highly qualified and experienced professionals. The organisation wanted to lay a firm foundation for the next phase of their journey.

We at Aventus Partners custom designed a process which facilitated:

─ Articulation of a shared and unified vision for the VVF group encompassing all Businesses

─ Securing agreement on some non-negotiable values that will guide all activities

─ Articulation of the Mission of VVF – The reason for its Existence

─ Driving synergy between diverse businesses, paving the way for shared goals

─ Laid the foundation and Road Map for strategic priorities and strategic objectives for the

Next 3 -5 years

─ VVF leaders to understand each other’s style to work more effectively with each other